Plön is a dreamlike town in the middle of the lake district of Holstein Switzerland. Our landmark is Plön Castle, which reigns majestically over the lake. Plön will also charm you with its historic buildings and impressive history.


Top attractions

Discover wonderful places of interest during a short walk around Plön town centre, visit the Plön castle area, or cycle all the way to the Prinzeninsel (Princes’ Island). If you are in the countryside, you should head to Plön Castle, which reigns majestically over the lake. Guided tours of the adjacent Princes’ House and flowery parks are offered on a regular basis. A walk to the Princes’ Island is also highly recommended. If you need to rebuild your strength, there is a restaurant on the Princes’ Island, where tasty dishes – both from Holstein and afar – are served. 



Tourist-Info Großer Plöner See
Bahnhofstraße 5
24306 Plön

Phone: +49 (0) 45 22 - 50 95 0

Stay over night?

If you like to stay over night Plön has a lot to offer and you can choose between individual holiday homes at the lake, convenient resorts with ocean view or comfortable private rooms with breakfast.

Furthermore if you prefer camping you will find some attractive campsites around Plön.