The climatic spa resort of Lütjenburg has a story to tell which spans over 800 eventful years, and is set against the backdrop of the historic market place, the Baroque town hall, St Michaelis’ Church, and the former dyeworks – the richly decorated door of which now leads directly to the registry office. Built in 1898, the Bismarck tower looms over all the rooftops, and offers a view that stretches over the East Holstein hills and the Baltic Sea to the Danish islands.


Top attractions

Built in 1790, the craftsman’s house has been used as the town hall since 1860. The brick building has a French roof and a central buttress with a decorative gable above the round-arched Rococo-style front door. The  in Nienthal is a reconstruction of a former castle, with a circular wall and a moat. It is the medieval hub of Schleswig-Holstein, and is one of Lütjenburg’s top attractions. The  tells the fascinating story of the ice ages, climate change and the history of the world, and is also worth a visit.





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