Sleeping on the beach


At the start of the 2016 summer season, the brand new Schlafstrandkörbe (“beach baskets”) appeared on the Baltic coast in Schleswig-Holstein. In one of 18 “beach baskets” set up at eight locations along the Baltic coast in Schleswig-Holstein, you can try the unique experience of sleeping on the beach.


Good to know

The baskets are weatherproof and can be covered, so that not even the odd raindrop can spoil the experience. The baskets are also located close to public conveniences.
The reclining surface in the beach baskets measures 1.30 m x 2.40 m, meaning that up to two people can share this unique experience.
In some places, additional arrangements can be made, for example a breakfast or a picnic basket can be ordered. Prices and arrangements vary from place to place.