The wind blows through your hair as you look out for the next wave. Surfing helps you to forget all the stress and boredom of everyday life! Anyone who has ever glided across the water on a board will not quickly forget this fascination. With just the horizon in front of you, enjoy the feeling of unlimited freedom, and experience the elements.

The hottest spots on the Baltic coast

Along the Baltic coast in Schleswig-Holstein, there are several surfing areas. Many of them are suitable for beginners. However, with more than 17 spots, the island of Fehmarn is the absolute windsurfing paradise. The surf city of Pelzerhaken in the Bay of Lübeck is also popular with pros and beginners alike. Heiligenhafen and the towns in the Probstei region (Laboe, Stein, and Schörnberg with its “Brazil” and “California” sections) offer the best surfing conditions.