Welcome to Travemünde

Big ships, a fine sandy beach and a fresh sea breeze – that’s Travemünde. Marvel at fascinating classic sailing boats, chugging fishing boats and huge ferries first hand. Enjoy being by the sea, and be astounded by the picturesque scenery.

Top attractions

Discover the maritime landmark of Travemünde: experience the exciting age of the windjammers in the “Museum unter Deck”, or book the maritime beauty of the four-masted barque Passat for all types of events. After almost 450 years of uninterrupted service, the old lighthouse in Travemünde started its well-deserved “retirement” in 1972. Germany’s oldest lighthouse has always been a popular excursion destination. How would you like to have a good night’s sleep in a Schlafstrandkorb (“beach basket”), and have the beach to yourself? After a sunny day on the beach, simply stay there, puff up a pillow, and listen to the whisper of the waves. 



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